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Graph showing the appropriations per FTE for publicly supported institutions of postsecondary education from 1982 to 1988. Kearney State College received far less support than any other institution.
LB 160 was the original bill which proposed moving Kearney State College from the state college system to the University of Nebraska System. KSC President testified in favor of joining the Nebraska System.
The memorandum lays out, point by point, how KSC compares to NU system schools across a wide range of categories, from faculty to physical plant. Payne concludes that KSC is similar to UNO in breadth and quality of offerings.
Theye lays out a number of arguments for the inclusion of KSC into the University of Nebraska System.
KSC Faculty Senate conducted a survey of faculty in fall 1986. Faculty overwhelmingly voted for a name change, with Nebraska State University garnering the highest number of votes.
Ward and precinct tallies of the vote taken by the City of Omaha on December 12, 1967, to decide whether to allow the merger of the Municipal University of Omaha with the University of Nebraska.
Public opinion survey of Omaha voters regarding the merger of the Municipal University of Omaha with the University of Nebraska. The survey was conducted by Central Surveys, Inc., of Shenandoah, Iowa, November 25-27, 1967, and includes detailed…
"UNO - Four Years After Merger" is a 24-page document written by D. B. Varner, President of the University of Nebraska, as a statement presented to the faculty and staff of the University of Nebraska at Omaha on April 13, 1972. The document includes…
Single typescript sheet on Campus Christian Fellowship of Omaha letterhead, with the text of the invocation and benediction offered at the merger ceremonies, June 30-July 1, 1968.
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