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The cartoon, from March 1989, depicts KSC as a dog about to get hit on the head with a brick labeled Nebraska Constitution.
KSC Faculty Senate conducted a survey of faculty in fall 1986. Faculty overwhelmingly voted for a name change, with Nebraska State University garnering the highest number of votes.

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The June 1989 Lincoln Star Journal talks about Attorney General Robert Spire's role, when the UNO board chairman in 1968, in facilitating that addition to the NU system, as well as his legal challenge to LB247.

Page from the Historic Kearney website, presented by the UNK History Department, providing information on LB 160, an early attempt to move Kearney State College into the University of Nebraska System.
Theye lays out a number of arguments for the inclusion of KSC into the University of Nebraska System.
The KSC Vice President for College Relations rebuts an article published in the Grand Island Independent. He argues that adding KSC to the University system will bring more opportunities for everyone.
The memorandum lays out, point by point, how KSC compares to NU system schools across a wide range of categories, from faculty to physical plant. Payne concludes that KSC is similar to UNO in breadth and quality of offerings.
LB 160 was the original bill which proposed moving Kearney State College from the state college system to the University of Nebraska System. KSC President testified in favor of joining the Nebraska System.
Proclamation from the UNO Faculty Senate, welcoming UNK to the University of Nebraska System
Program from the July 1, 1991 official transition from Kearney State College to the University of Nebraska at Kearney
May 1989 news article shows Sen. Ernest Chambers of Omaha wearing a University of Nebraska at Kearney t-shirt in his Lincoln office, before a vote to move KSC to the NU System.
Graph showing the appropriations per FTE for publicly supported institutions of postsecondary education from 1982 to 1988. Kearney State College received far less support than any other institution.
Students took an active part in promoting the transition from KSC to UNK.
One original suggestion was for KSC to simply change its name, with the most popular name option being Nebraska State University or a variant thereof. This student shows support for KSC's transition to a unviersity.
UNL Student Government opposed LB160; opposition was particularly on economic grounds, but also expressed fears that the quality of KSC would not match the standards of UNL.
Article from the Kearney Hub in which Sen. Jerome Warner lays out the ramifications of various scenarios related to the court case against LB247. He also addresses the situation of UNO's addition to the NU sysem.
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