OU-NU 1968

OU-NU Merger Cartoon

On July 1, 1968, the Municipal University of Omaha (OU) merged with the University of Nebraska and became the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). Springing from economic necessity, the merger both saved the Omaha campus and forever changed its character.


Dr. Kirk Naylor, President of OU, kept extensive scrapbooks during the years 1967-1968, containing primarily newspaper clippings along with some photographs and ephemera related to the merger of the OU and NU.


It is difficult to convey the full effect of this scrapbook in digital form, as nearly every page includes items that are folded, overlapping, or tucked in, such that they must be unfolded or flipped to be viewed in full. Only a few pages from the scrapbook have been presented here, but the full scrapbook, along with three more scrapbooks documenting Dr. Naylor's time at UNO, may be viewed at the UNO Criss Library Archives and Special Collections.

The Mergers
OU-NU 1968