UNL Before the Merger

Commencement Procession at UNL

Commencement Procession at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, circa 1950s

The Nebraska State Legislature established the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a charter formally signed on February 14, 1869, just two years after Nebraska became a state. The University of Nebraska was a land grant institution established within the framework of the Morrill Act. The building that housed the institution, University Hall, sat amid the open landscape dotted with only a few houses. The construction of the building proved to be one of the earliest challenges for the fledgling campus. Classes at the university began in September 1871 with only a handful of faculty and students enrolled in both preparatory classes and college-level classes. From those beginnings the University of Nebraska grew to incorporate two campuses, extension services, and provide learning opportunities, resources, and research to the state and beyond.

UNL Campus

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1951

For details on the history of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, along with the past chancellors who oversaw its development, please visit UNL's “History, 1869-Present” webpage.

The Campuses Before the Merger
UNL Before the Merger